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Competition & Emotion, feat. Dominyka Obelenyte

Dominyka Obelenyte is a 4x black belt world champion and Marcelo Garcia black belt. In this audio series, Dom explains how to manage the crushing weight of emotions leading up to, and during, competition. A great audio series for BJJ competitors, or anyone working in high-stress situations.

Course contents:

Ep. 1: Failure
In the first part of our Competition & Emotion series, Dominyka explains the athlete's relationship with failure, and why the way they handle failure is so important.

Ep. 2: Effort
In part 2 of Competition & Emotion, Dominyka discusses the importance of managing effort in competition. We discuss the importance of knowing your purpose, maximizing results, and maintaining passion over the long term.

Ep. 3: Victory
In the final episode of the Competition & Emotion series, Dominyka explains how to have a healthy relationship with victory. It's not just about winning; it's about building a healthy relationship with the desire to win.