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The Gameplanning Series

Welcome to another BJJ Mental Models Premium series! In this audio series, Steve & Matt Kwan present a seven-part framework for building a concept-oriented Jiu-Jitsu gameplan.

Course contents:

Ep. 1: Knowing Your Goals
This episode is the first of a multi-part course to walk you through the creation of your Jiu-Jitsu gameplan. In this episode, we talk about knowing your goals - the first and most crucial step to defining your gameplan. Let's talk about your goals and work backward over the next few episodes to create your gameplan.

Ep. 2: Knowing Your Attributes
In the second part of our gameplanning series, we identify your attributes. Instructors often downplay the importance of attributes, but ignoring them is a big mistake.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Recall the principle of asymmetric warfare: fight where you are strongest and your opponent is weakest. When evaluating your attributes, your goal is to find an unfair advantage.

Ep. 3: Building Your Funnels
In the third part of our gameplanning series, we talk about building your funnels. Funnels are the core tool for executing your strategy.

Ep. 4: Tuning Your Gameplan
In the fourth part of our gameplanning series, we'll tune your gameplan for specific scenarios. The core of your gameplan should rarely change, but the specifics should be tailored depending on context.

Ep. 5: Adapting on the Fly
In the fifth part of our gameplanning series, Steve and Matt talk about what to do when it all goes wrong. As was once said by Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, “no plan survives contact with the enemy.” No matter how good your plan, it's inevitable that something unforeseen will throw it off course.

This episode discusses strategies for staying calm under pressure, building a resilient gameplan, and adapting when your strategy isn't working.

Ep 6: Expanding Your Gameplan
In the sixth part of our gameplanning series, Steve and Matt discuss how to expand your gameplan. Over time you'll be adding new tactics and strategies to your Jiu-Jitsu game. This episode discusses how to evaluate when it's time to add to your gameplan, and how to do it effectively.

Ep. 7: Pruning Your Gameplan
In the seventh and final part of our gameplanning series, Steve and Matt discuss how to prune your gameplan. As the old saying goes, "what got you here won't get you there." Let's talk about when it's time to move on and retire the tools that are hindering your growth.