Segment your thoughts and worries so they don't follow you around all day.

Compartmentalization first came to my attention in Dale Carnegie's awesome book, How to Stop Worrying & Start Living, which is one of the best mindset books I've ever read.

Compartmentalization is all about separating your life concerns so you're only thinking about what you're currently working on.  Why worry about work on the weekend?  Through practice, you can compartmentalize your thoughts so they don't fill your mind during the off hours.

Dale Carnegie suggests living in "day-tight compartments," an analogy to ships, where each room can be compartmentalized to prevent flooding from spreading from room to room.

If you've never heard of compartmentalization, I highly suggest you put it into practice.  How to Stop Worrying & Start Living is a great read, as well as this article about compartmentalization.

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