Dominant Angles

Create positions where your opponent is not fully facing you, and exploit those angles.

Finding a dominant angle is a necessary strategy in all combat sports. You never want to attack your opponent head-on, where they are in the best possible position to react and defend. Whether you are practicing striking arts or grappling arts, this principle is true. This is why footwork and movement are so important in boxing, and why we would look to achieve the rear mount position in Jiu-Jitsu.

In wrestling, you always want to create angles before shooting in for takedowns. It leaves your opponent with fewer resources available to defend, and thus makes them more vulnerable to attacks. Not only will your attacks be more effective, but they will require less energy and be more efficient. This principle is crucial to reach the highest level of any combat sport.

In the business world, this translates to having a goal, and putting yourself in the best possible position to accomplish that goal. Setting yourself up in the best way possible is crucial to be successful and efficient. When you have a dominant angle of attack, your chances of success increase considerably.

It's not about succeeding at all costs.  It's about using dominant angles to create situations where success is easy and inevitable.

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