The Gameplanning Series:
A seven-part audio course in Jiu-Jitsu strategy from BJJ Mental Models.

Steve Kwan here. I'm the host of the popular BJJ Mental Models podcast. I'm proud to present our first BJJ strategy course: the Gameplanning Series!

The Gameplanning Series is a seven-part audio course on building a Jiu-Jitsu gameplan using the strategies we discuss on the show. Each lesson is approximately one hour.

The seven lessons in the course are:

Lesson #1: Knowing Your Goals.
Before you set out on creating a gameplan, you need to think deeply and critically about what you want to achieve. The first lesson guides you through the process of clarifying your goals, which will become the foundation of your gameplan going forward.

Lesson #2: Knowing Your Attributes.
Our course acknowledges that we all come into the game with different attributes. We walk you through identifying your key attributes, and using this knowledge as a basis for gameplanning.

Lesson #3: Building Your Funnels.
Funneling is a core concept for gameplanning. It's all about forcing your opponent to play the game where you are strongest and they are weakest.

Lesson #4: Tuning Your Gameplan.
No gameplan is set in stone. Learn when and how to tune and optimize your gameplan over time.

Lesson #5: Adapting on the Fly.
As the old saying goes, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. In the fifth lesson, learn how to adapt your gameplan on the fly when it's not working as expected.

Lesson #6: Expanding Your Gameplan.
The best in the world are always looking to innovate and expand. Learn how to adopt best practices and novel tactics into your grappling arsenal.

Lesson #7: Pruning Your Gameplan.
Great gameplanners know when it's time to abandon what's not working anymore. In the final episode, learn how to identify and prune techniques that have outlived their usefulness.


Why audio?

Unlike most grappling instructions, the Gameplanning Series is an audio course. There's no video.

The reason why is simple: this course is about thinking. It's not a "monkey see, monkey" do course where you watch and mimic specific techniques. The Gameplanning Series is a discovery process that's all about getting you to ask meaningful questions about how you grapple. This course is designed to engage your brain, not your eyes.

Also, as podcasters, we love that we can create educational material that you can play in the background while doing chores, driving, or going about your daily routine. The Gameplanning Series is designed to be respectful of your time.


Who this course is for

The Gameplanning Series is for grapplers who already have knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals. It's not an introductory course. It's for grapplers who already have some fluency with BJJ, and are interested in tying together a cohesive and effective strategy.

You'll get the most out of this course if you are a two stripe white belt or higher. Interestingly, you'll probably find this course especially valuable if you're more experienced.


Who this course is NOT for

This is an audio course on concepts and strategy. If you're looking for a library or database of specific techniques, this isn't it. If that's what you want, there are many resources out there that specialize in technique libraries.


How to get the Gameplanning Series

The Gameplanning Series is available exclusively on BJJ Mental Models Premium. You can get the subscription for as little as $20USD/month.

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