Use memory shortcuts, known as mnemonics, to remember complex concepts.

Mnemonics are systems or tricks for remembering complex information. They generally work by compressing complex ideas into something easier to remember, which acts as a cue to fully rebuild the entire idea in your mind.

Here are some common mnemonics you may be familiar with:

  • BEDMAS/PEMDAS for remembering the order of operations in mathematics
  • "I before E, except after C"
  • "Clockwise lockwise," or "righty tightey, lefty loosey" for turning a screw.

Here are some effective mnemonics for remembering BJJ concepts:

  • Naming concepts using acronyms, proper nouns, or descriptive words that jog your memory
  • Creating counting sequences or rhymes that help you remember the individual pieces of a complex idea
  • Turning a series of steps into a simple story that's easy to remember.

These examples are by no means an exhaustive list of all mnemonics, but they're a good place to start.


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