Naming Concepts

Assigning names to complex concepts makes them more memorable.

It's easier to remember complex ideas if you give them a name. This is a tactic used commonly in Jiu-Jitsu, and is something you can use as well.

Naming is also an excellent concept for teaching, because:

  • named concepts are easier for you to recall
  • it simplifies discussion and teaching when others have also been taught the name
  • it's easier to build new knowledge on top of named concepts.

In general, naming allows us to turn complex ideas into simple ones. There's a reason we call it the Kimura and not the figure four backward rotational shoulder armlock.

Some strategies for naming include:

  • the person who popularized or taught you the technique. Examples: Kimura, D'Arce choke, Ezekiel choke, De La Riva guard, Granby roll.
  • a unique and memorable aspect of this technique. Examples: North-south choke, triangle choke, rear naked choke, twister, 411.
  • a word that you mentally associate with this technique. Examples: guillotine choke, anaconda choke, spider guard, scarf hold, bread cutter.

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