Opening Salvos

Ensure you have low-commitment strategies for the engagement phase.

In battle, in debate, and in negotiation, you'll need to be familiar with the concept of the opening salvo: the first attack you launch against your opponent. The opening salvo often has ramifications that carry through the rest of the competition.

When you go into battle, make sure you have plans for the initial engagement. In the context of Jiu-Jitsu, too often we have no plans for how we'll manage the initial at-a-distance grip fight. And how that grip fight goes down has ramifications on the rest of the battle. After all, grips dictate position.

In boxing, we have the jab: a technique that's low commitment, and great for distance management. It opens up windows to more devastating techniques. When you create your Jiu-Jitsu gameplan, make sure you do the same: have techniques that are low commitment, manage the distance, and create vulnerabilities that you can chain into more devastating attacks.

Examples of "opening salvos" in Jiu-Jitsu often include arm drags or collar drags.


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