Overwhelming Force

Use overwhelming force when attacking a limb or joint.  The limbs you're attacking with should be stronger than the limb being attacked.

Examples of overwhelming force include:

  • Attacking one of your opponent's arms with both of yours
  • Attacking your opponent's arm with your legs
  • Attacking your opponent's neck with your arms.

Examples of underwhelming force include:

  • Using a single arm to control your opponent's arm (equal force)
  • Using an arm to control an opponent's leg (lesser force)
  • Attempting to control your opponent's hips using your arms (lesser force).

Overwhelming force is especially important against bigger, stronger opponents, because you can't rely on overpowering them.

Your opponent's neck is a desirable target because it will almost always be weaker than your arms and legs.

Overwhelming force is best used in conjunction with isolating a single target.  For example, an armbar involves using all four of your limbs, and your core, against a single arm.

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