Patches and Decals

All BJJ Mental Models Premium subscribers are entitled to one patch & decal kit each year.

Shipping is free to anywhere in the world.  Instructions to redeem will be emailed to you after your free trial is complete.

Every kit includes:

The official BJJ Mental Models gi patch

It's a high-quality, fully woven 3" patch ideal for shoulder or pant placement.  It's tough as nails and will handle anything you throw at it.  It's not just for your gi, either; it looks great on backpacks or any of your other clothing.

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The official BJJ Mental Models decal

Like all our decals, the official BJJMM decal is made from high-quality super matte vinyl.  It's 3" in diameter, fully waterproof, and easily removable.  It's our most popular decal and one of the best ways to rep your fave BJJ brand.

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In addition to the BJJMM patch and decal, you also get to choose any two of these...

“Intelligent Jiu-Jitsu”

In our first collaboration with legendary BJJ artist Meerkatsu, he designed a decal that encapsulates the spirit of the BJJMM brand: winning with intelligence rather than raw strength.

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“Old Bastard Jiu-Jitsu”

Let everyone know that “I'm too old for this sh*t!” with this amazing decal inspired by Mike Mahaffey and his Old Bastard Jiu-Jitsu framework.

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“Rorden Gracie Academy”

Celebrate your fake Jiu-Jitsu roots by rocking this decal of the legendary Rorden Gracie heel hooking a freakin' SHARK.

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“Taint-Based Leverage”

In product design, sometimes it's not about what the customer wants, it's about what the customer needs.  And although I'm sure you've never technically wanted one, you need this decal of Rob Biernacki elevating Stephan Kesting with a taint sweep.

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“Too Fat to Bolo”

I for one am sick of these bendy youngsters and their fancy spinny moves!

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Didn't get instructions to redeem your patch and decal kit? 


Send us a message and we'll help you out.